Corporate Wellness

“Healthy employees = A Healthy company,
A Healthy Company = A Wealthy Company,
-Dr. Renata Taravski, ND

Corporate wellness is more important than ever.

Employees are your company’s greatest asset- they’re your competitive advantage.

Unfortunately, high stress levels, combined with unhealthy diet and lifestyle choices, take a huge toll on the well-being of employees. Inevitably, this impacts the company’s bottom line.

An increasing number of companies are becoming aware that the health and well-being of their employees is one of the most important determinants of the company’s success.


I can help improve your company’s overall health and wellness! I offer onsite talks, lunch and learns and workshops on a variety of wellness topics, including but not limited to:

  • Putting YOU first: The importance of self-care
  • Mindfulness: The in’s and out’s to this life changing practice
  • The Keys to Work-Life Balance
  • Mind-body connection to health and wellness
  • Ways to combat stress naturally
  • Mental Health: A natural approach to Depression and Anxiety
  • Simple tips for eating healthy and being active at work

If there are topics other than those listed above that you or your company would like me to speak on, please let me know and I can coordinate something to best meet your needs.

One of the most innovative trends in workplace wellness has been that of on-site healthcare. A recent survey from the Center for Studying Health System Change found that on-site healthcare increases productivity, reduces medical costs and enhances a company’s reputation as being a desirable place to work. On-site naturopathic medical visits is another great service I offer for your company’s employees. This give employees the opportunity to schedule office visits for routine or preventative care. Now employees can look forward to looking and feeling their best without taking time off work.

Let’s transform your workplace into a happy and healthy environment today! Contact me to learn how I can partner with your business.

Because a healthy company, is a wealthy company.