My goal is to inspire and empower people, transform lives and spread happiness.

– Dr. Renata Taravski


I’d love to be a part of your event!

Whether its a demo booth, cooking class, workshop, or a talk for a large audience— I’m happy to accommodate any event size.

Some of my most requested topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Effective Natural Stress Relief
  • Putting YOU first: The importance of self-care
  • Mind-Body connection to health & wellness
  • Mental Health: Effective Solutions for Depression and Anxiety
  • IBS: Natural Solutions
  • Fertility, The Natural Way
  • Happy Hormones
  • Running on empty? Natural ways to boost energy!
  • Healthy Eating CAN taste good

If there are topics other than those listed above that you would like me to speak on, please let me know and I can coordinate something to best meet your needs. Inquiries for event bookings, contact me at 

Thanks again for considering me as your health and wellness expert for your upcoming event!