Frequently Asked Questions

What is Naturopathic Medicine?

Naturopathic medicine is a distinct primary health care system that blends modern scientific knowledge with traditional and natural forms of medicine. The naturopathic philosophy is to stimulate the healing power of the body and treat the underlying cause of disease. Symptoms of disease are seen as warning signals of improper functioning of the body, and unfavourable lifestyle habits. Naturopathic Medicine emphasizes disease as a process rather than as an entity.

Treating both acute and chronic conditions, naturopathic treatments are chosen based on the individual patient – their physiological, structural, psychological, social, spiritual, environment and lifestyle factors. In addition to diet and lifestyle changes, natural therapies including botanical medicine, clinical nutrition, hydrotherapy, homeopathy, naturopathic manipulation and traditional Chinese medicine/acupuncture, may also be used during treatments.

In Canada, the naturopathic medical profession’s infrastructure includes accredited educational institutions, professional licensing, national standards of practice, participation in many federal health committee initiatives, and a commitment to state-of-the-art scientific research.

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Do I need a referral to see you?

No referral required!

How do I make an appointment?

You can book online by clicking here. For booking via phone or email, please visit the Contact page for details.

Who commonly sees a Naturopathic Doctor?

All walks of life! We all have different health goals and concerns and Naturopathic Medicine can offer something for everyone. Please refer to Services and Conditions Treated to see the most common health concerns that I address in private practice.

Is Naturopathic Medicine covered by OHIP?

No. However, most extended health benefit packages cover Naturopathic Medicine visits.

When will I start to feel better?

That varies with every person. We are all unique and respond differently to treatment.

Some people notice huge improvements immediately while other people may experience subtle positive changes over a few months.

The main variables that influence your progress include your compliance and commitment to your protocol, the complexity of your health concerns, your goals and how your body responds.

What is your cancellation policy?

Your appointment time is reserved for you and only you. Please let the clinic know of any cancellations within 24 hours before your appointment (phone or email). Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice and missed appointments will be charged 100% of the fee. Thanks for understanding!

How do I book you for an event, seminar or lunch and learn?

Please refer to my Corporate Wellness section or Event section.