Change the world, doing what you were born to do.

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  To all my badass soul-driven, heart centered naturopaths, coaches, healers, creatives, yogi’s and wellness entrepreneurs.   It’s time to go from lost to aligned. 

What Can “Life in Alignment” do for you?

Do you know you are here for a reason and your unique gifts can change the world?

You have a calling.

A vision.

A burning passion.

An important message to share that will change the world.

You know deep down inside that you were born to make an impact.

But girl:

  • You’re afraid to be judged, fail, or take the wrong action.
  • You play the comparison game and constantly doubt your awesomeness
  • You’ve read the books, taken the courses, made the vision boards, hired the help BUT you’re still hiding out and playing small
  • You feel overwhelmed and unsure where to start when it comes to authentically sharing your message and gifts with the world.
  • Or perhaps you’ve made some progress but feel stuck and frustrated with what feels like a never-ending standstill in your business and your life.

Trust me, I hear ya. I used to be that girl…..

Turning your soul calling into a reality and stepping into your purpose driven business and life requires clarity, an empowering mindset, and the ability to take consistent and aligned action with the right tools and strategies.

Life in Alignment can help you get unstuck-fast,  align your life so it’s in alignment with your soul calling, and save time, money, and your sanity.  

With a choc full of inspirational lessons, personal anecdotes, and “A-HA” moments, you get practical tools and relatable guidance to create abundance in every area of your life, share your empowering message with the world, and earn a living doing what you love.




LIA 2It’s a powerful 4 week series where Dr. Renata Taravski shares personal anecdotes, inspirational lessons, and relatable guidance and practical tools that you can apply immediately in your life that can help you:


  • Define and  LEAD with your “WHY.” (And if this is the only thing you do, it will make a MASSIVE difference)
  • Let go of the beliefs and blocks that keep you stuck, overwhelmed, and afraid to share your message and take action on your soul’s desires.
  • Expand your personal awareness and re-align your thoughts, beliefs, energy, and intentions to create the life and business you want.
  • Use fear to your advantage and turn it into freedom.
  • Take aligned, consistent action and produce profound and lasting shifts in your business and life.
  • Create a soulful brand and an Instagram account that cuts through the noise, has quality engagement and a trusted tribe.






I didn’t always have the life I do now.

For years, I battled with an eating disorder, I struggled with depression and anxiety, and had a laundry list of health issues, like IBS and seizures.  My relationships were strained,  I was working jobs that drained my soul, and I was an expert at suppressing my visions, dreams, and desires. I felt like I was just going through the motions instead of really participating in my life. I desperately wanted things to change. I knew deep down inside I was born to make a difference but I felt so stuck and paralyzed.

“What if I go after what I want and it doesn’t work out? What if I make the wrong choice and fail BIG TIME? What are they going to say about me? Who am I to be the one? There’s so many others already doing it, what’s the point, I’m not_____enough?”

Eventually, my life did change. Through my journey in natural medicine, yoga, and personal growth…..

I finally stopped suppressing who I was and what I wanted for everyone else. I unlearned all the “Should’s” of who I was suppose to be and finally stepped into who I already was. Unapologetically me. I found my voice, took my power back and stepped into my soul’s calling. I’ve created a heart-centred business I love making the difference that I know I was born to make. I’ve never felt more alive, fulfilled and free in my entire life.

After aligning my life and business with my soul purpose,  I know it is my mission to help other powerful women step into their greatness, confidently express their message, live their calling and earn a living doing what they love.

That’s exactly why I created Life in Alignment- to help you make that happen.

If you’re ready to change the world, doing what you were born to do, girl you’re in the right place.

Life in Alignment is for you!

With love,




Here’s what past participants had to say:

“You’ve given me permission to reconnect with myself and be alive for maybe the first time ever.


“I am no longer doubting myself. 

It literally transformed me from a “ya but gal” “to a ya AND gal!” You taught me to not only “think” about the things that were holding me back in life-you took it five steps farther and gave me techniques to take action and make things happen!  Thank you thank you thank you!”


“Since this experience, I’m actively using the tools I learned to go after the life I know I can have and deserve.

Dr. Renata’s honesty and genuine desire to help people is evident from the moment you meet her. She has such a wonderful energy, and put me at ease immediately.   She really gave me a new perspective on myself, my life choices and my future.”


I took this with my friend and we both agreed it was life changing.  

Still having huge “A-HA” moments to this day; weeks after the experience.”


Dr. Renata is a breath of fresh air when it comes to the world of diving deep into dismantling beliefs and behaviours that don’t really serve you (maybe even some that you don’t know you have!).

She combines the perfect mix of sharing her own story and her passion and also inviting contributions from attendees so that everyone can really get something out this experience.  If you’re sick of buzz words and style without substance and you want to finally get out of your own way,  I guarantee you will uncover something about yourself that you haven’t considered before. I can’t recommend it enough.